Meir Soil Conditioner

Meir Soil Conditioner

Meir Soil Conditioner

A low disturbance Soil Conditioner developed by the team at Dale Drills.

As a non-drilling piece of equipment, the Dale's have launched the product under a new brand, Meir Agricultural.

The Meir reduces surface disturbance, whilst ensuring effective soil loosening through various depths and conditions as well as maintaining a firm finish.

The Meir's Hardox leg leads are fitted with a 25mm wide tungsten point at a shallow angle to reduce surface boil. The wing is 140mm back from the leading tip, allowing the wing to run in a zone of fractured soil, reducing wear and improving loosening.

A shallow angle on the wing further reduces potential disturbance in the seeding zone whilst still ensuring an effective loosening in the compacted area below.

Soil Conditioner  Spec:

Working widths: 3m, 4.2m, 6m

Number of legs: 6, 8, 12

Leg spacing: 525mm

Maximum working depth: 300mm

Minimum power requirement: 50hp/m

For more information contact one of the team at Dale Drills to discuss further on 01652 653326, or email 


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