Cover Crop Cutting Disc

Cover Crop Cutting Disc

The Dale Drills Cover Crop Cutting Disc Kit has been specially designed to help cut through heavy crop residue (particularly Cover Crops) ensuring good seed-soil contact and excellent establishment.

As the Cutting Disc is designed for heavy residue conditions, it is used at a 10" (25cm row spacing). This is achieved by removing the front drilling tine on each assembly and bolting the Cutting Disc in its place.

The rear tine on each assembly can be fitted with a duet style coulter which allows for both the air seed pipes to be attached to it. If placing Fertiliser the duet coulter allows both seed and fertiliser to be sown behind the rear tine.

The Cutting Disc is best used to cut through the green cover crops. When bolted onto the drilling assembly the disc is designed to be align itself with the rear tine, effectively slicing a path through the residue for the rear tine to run down, creating a tilth and placing the seed.

The Cutting Disc has the added benefit of reducing the amount of surface disturbance that the rear tine creates. This is due largely to the fact that the surface of the soil has been sliced by the disc reducing the amount of boiling created as the tine passes through.

Cutting To The Chase

The Cover Crop Cutting Disc ensures your Dale Drill can keep drilling in the most challenging of conditions.
  • Fits to all Eco-Drill Seed Drills built in or after 2012
  • Bolts on to the 'A' Frame Assembly in place of the front tine
  • Optional Duet Coulter for rear tine allows for both seed pipes to be used
  • Adjustable depth setting ensures even cutting through a variety of different residues
  • Reduces surface disturbance of seeding tine
  • Low maintenance, heavy duty bearing used to reduce downtime
  • Allows users to drill into heavy cover crops whilst ensuring excellent establishment
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