Eco XL at Cereals 2016 Cereals Show 2016 Eco XL Another quality delivery from Dale Drills Eco XL Range 10-13.5 Metres From 10-13.5 Metres the Eco XL range offers unrivaled output

Eco XL

Engineered specifically with Controlled Traffic Farming systems in mind the Eco XL can provide unbeatable output with the same unrivalled accuracy and efficiency common across the entire Dale Drills product line. Featuring the same 12.5mm tine, adjustable row spacing and parallel linkage mounted drilling assemblies as the S, M and L model Eco Drills, the Eco XL can also boast even greater tool bar clearance to further improve its capabilities in heavy trash situations. Available in 10 - 13.5 metre working widths the Eco XL is a drill aimed at the large scale farmer and contractor for whom output is key!

Progress to Productivity

Eco XL
  • Unrivalled output - up to 10 hectares per hour.
  • Further improved trash flow - 1,550 mm between front and rear tines on each assembly.
  • Low draught - 25 - 30 horse power requirement.
  • Amazing manoeuvrability - optional steering rear axle.
  • Versatile - can be used as a direct or conventional seed drill.
  • Isobus Compatible - RDS Isocan contol system is fully Isobus ready.
  • Accurate - parallel linkage ensures consistent depth control across the machine.
  • Adjustable - row spacing can be set at 5, 10 or 20"
  • CTF - 10 - 13.5m working suit controlled traffic farming systems.
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Working Width

10 metres

12 metres

13.5 metres

Transport Width


Transport Height


Overall Length


Hopper Capacity


No. Of Coulters




Approx Hp. Requirement




Estimated Daily Output

80 ha

100 ha

115 ha

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